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Welcome to Confidence by Hope! Shop for empowerment apparel, Bella Ballet gear, and more! Confidence by Hope was created with the goal of taking empowerment outside of the studio with apparel that promotes kindness, anti-bullying, and self-empowerment for you and your child. We take great pride in our products and all products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Need dancewear for class? Please speak with one of our teachers to place an order for dancewear. 

All items will ship to the studio an

d be available shortly after for pick-up


You do not need to buy everything displayed in our class selection catalog. These are just pre-approved options. All classes require a student to wear a leotard, tights, and dance shoes. Street shoes and bedroom ballet slippers are not permitted. All children must have tan jazz shoes for the recital.

There is a picture of each item for each class. If you do not see the correct color in the picture, do not be alarmed, as there is only one picture provided per item. The proper color has been selected by Bella Ballet for your class.

Remember, sizing is different for dance wear than it is for street wear. Exchanges are always welcome.