Getting Started

When does the new session start?

Our regular 2019-2020 season for classes age 3 and above runs September to June. Any classes for students 2 and under run by season Fall, Winter, Spring Summer. Start dates will vary. Any additional questions please send us an email to

Where are you located?

We are located in the Kentlands, 347 Kentlands Blvd Gaithersburg, MD 20878. We are next to Alliage Salon and Giuseppe’s Pizza.

Where can I purchase the required dance attire?

We have an online store for the convenience of our families under the “Our Shop”. All merchandise is organized by class to make it simple for parents to choose from. Items will be shipped to the studio within 7-10 business days of your order. We may also have some items and sizes in stock at the studio. We suggest coming in about 15 minutes prior to your child’s next class and our staff will be happy to assist you!

I’m not sure which class suits my child, how do I choose which class is best?

We are happy to schedule a free trial prior to enrollment if you would like. If you’re ready to get your child enrolled right away we suggest starting in the younger age range class. It is always easier to move up a level than to move down. Meaning if your little one is in between the Mommy & Me or Princess Ballet class we suggest starting in a Mommy & Me class. 


Will tuition be prorated if I register my child mid-month?

Yes! We will prorate monthly tuition based on your enrollment date. For Mommy & Me sessions we will charge for the remaining classes after your enrollment. 

Will tuition be prorated for months with predetermined closures?

Tuition is $960 for weekday classes and $990 for weekend classes and $1,560 for level 2/3 ballet classes. We Split these payments into 10 even monthly payments over the course of our 10 month season, September through June. 

I noticed I was charged for June tuition even though it wasn’t a full month of classes, why is this?

Our tuition is split into 10 even monthly payments over the course of our season, September through June. June is the 10th and final payment. 


My child may will miss her upcoming class, are we allowed to make it up?

Yes! We will be happy to schedule a make up within 30 days of the missed class. We request all make up requests by sent via email. We will provide you available class dates and times. We will only schedule the make up after the date of the missed class.